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((This is a lemon, if you don't like them, don't read it. This contains some foul language. You have been warned.))

If anyone had told you that having your boyfriend come by to split firewood for you would turn into a sexy, heated tangle of bodies, you probably would have laughed, and told them to go fuck themselves.

It seemed though, that was a very, very plausible outcome…

It all started with you watching the weather channel and finding out there was a huge blizzard coming to the rural area of Canada that you lived in, most likely the power would go out, so to keep warm you were going to need the firewood.

A quick call to your slightly moody, but very protective and loving boyfriend, had him knocking at your door within an hour. He may have a hard time telling you how he felt, but damn he was great at showing you, in more ways than one. The way he would look out for you and always take care of you when you were sick, even though he said he wouldn’t, or  how when anyone flirted with you or got too close for comfort, he always got overly protective and ended up smashing the other person’s jaw in, or worse.

Ah yes, those charming signs on affection.

You didn’t seem to care what anyone else said about him, he was your Canadian bad-boy, you wanted no one else, he was your first,  and he would be your last.

“So where’s the wood I’m splitting? I don’t have all day, I hope you know that.”

Matthew’s voice sounded gruff and annoyed, but you knew that behind his dark shades his eyes were glinting with a smile, and not one of those smirks he wore most of the time, but one of the true smiles of his, the one only you got to see.

“It’s around back, thank you for doing this for me.”

You smiled and stretched up on your toes to plant a kiss on his cheek, delighted when he leaned down, even though it was just a tiny bit, to make it easier for you, you knew he was hoping you wouldn’t notice, so you didn’t mention it.

Without another word Matthew walked around out back, shortly after the sounds of axe striking wood, and the loud splitting sounds of the logs as they were chopped, followed.

You decided you would reward him for helping you, so the first place you went upon re-entering the house was the kitchen, to whip up a batch of pancakes. Matthew loved your pancakes, it was one of the few compliments he would openly give you without masking it behind his tough façade, you figured it had to do with the amount of them he ate at a sitting, and the beer he had with them, but hey, you weren’t complaining about how it was he managed to say what he meant and compliment you.

Matthew wiped sweat from his brow, he’d been working for about a half hour now, despite the cold, he had worked up a sweat, he was so used to the cold it didn’t even bother him, after about fifteen minutes, he had tossed his shirt aside. He was just setting another log when something caught his attention, causing him to look up as the smell of pancakes wafted around him, your pancakes. His mouth watered at the thought of how amazing the fluffy cakes were, by themselves they were wonderful, but then, slathered in maple syrup… He had to physically wipe drool from his chin.

Just as he was about to walk inside, you came out to tell him that you had made him a surprise for being such an amazing boyfriend, only getting about half of it out before you noticed the absence of a shirt, giving you a wonderful view of your sexy-as-hell, hockey-playing-bull-moose-wresting, boyfriend.

“Like what you see, ________?”

You could hear the smirk in his voice even without looking at his face, slowly you pried your eyes from his abs and pectorals, allowing them to travel to his face before you finally nodded.

“Y-yes, and I um, ah, made you some pancakes…”

Matthew couldn’t hold back his chuckle as you stumbled over your words, stuttering in your attempt to regain your composure. While he may not admit it, you amazed him, he had seen you kick his brother’s ass before, he had had you call him at three in the morning to get him to take a spider outside for you, because you were scared of them but didn’t want to kill it. You were such a mystery, every time he thought he had figured you out, you proved him wrong and left him learning new things about you all over again. He didn’t realize that his mind had wandered until you cleared your throat, snapping him back to reality with a faint blush on his cheeks.

“I can smell them, thank you, or whatever.”

With that said, he stepped past you into the house, heading straight to the kitchen where he almost immediately grabbed a plate, stacking it high with pancakes then slathering them with syrup.

You walked in to find Matt had wolfed down half of the plate he had fixed himself already, eyes closed as he seemed to savor the taste of the melt in your mouth clouds of heaven.  

“Do you like them?”

Matthew looked up from his plate, a mouthful of pancakes in his mouth and a little bit of syrup running down his chin, before he shot you a glare, annoyed that he had been disturbed from his pancakes.

“Mmf I efmn hm?” (Am I eating them?)

“No, you are wolfing them down like they are the last pancakes on earth.”
You laughed, shaking your head as you walked into the kitchen to get the other bottle of syrup down seeing as how Matthew had almost finished off the other bottle. The bottle slipped from your grasp and popped open as it fell, syrup ran down your left cheek, then across your chest until it ran into the valley between your breasts.

Matthew had looked up as soon as he heard you curse, pancakes forgotten as he worried about you being hurt. The sight before him was far different than he had expected, instead of finding you harmed, he found you trying to wipe syrup off of your face. This with the thoughts about you that he had been having earlier… It was almost too much.

You jumped slightly when you felt something moist against your cheek, relaxing when you realized it was Matthew’s tongue.

“You know I could just wash it off with a damp cloth, right?”

“I don’t give a fuck, now stay still. Damn you got syrup everywhere didn’t you?”  

Matthew chuckled again at your sheepish nod before his breath hitched in his throat when you reached up and tugged hard on his curl, a sort of payback for him startling, and then laughing at you.  

After you tugged the curl things started moving very quickly, you couldn’t even register what was happening until it happened.


The next morning you awoke to find his arms wrapped around you, pressing your back against his chest with his arms crossed over your stomach. You shifted against him, smiling at his sleeping face as you wiggled from his grasp, careful not to wake him. Your plan was to make him breakfast, as soon as you rose to your feet however, you fell to the ground with a thump, finding that your lower back and hips felt numb.

Matthew awoke to the sound of you hitting the ground, he cursed something in French about the noise before he realized that it was you. He was on the floor beside you in an instant, a worried look breaking his usual pissed-off, disinterested expression.

“What the fuck happened? Are you alright?”

“You fucked me too hard is what happened! I can’t walk, so I can’t make you any pancakes for breakfast.”

You pouted slightly, your arms crossed over your chest as you looked up at the Canadian, growing a little irritated when he smirked. He remained silent, still with the smirk on his face as he picked you up and laid you back on the bed, covering you with the blankets before finally he spoke.

“It was worth it, you’re better than pancakes.”
I hope you like this! It's 12 pages long, so it's going to take awhile to read.

EDIT: I apologize, but I had to remove the Lemon portion of this, I have a friend who just got one of her stories reported, you can find the lemon here [link], but I am too worried about having another story reported to leave the lemon in this. I apologize once more.

I do not own Hetalia,
I do own the preview image, it is mine, you can use it, just don't steal it and claim it as your own.
I do not own you, you belong to :icon2pcanadaplz:
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