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Submitted on
November 1, 2012
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Hours later China woke up and looked at you sleeping cradled next to him and reached out to tuck a few strands of hair behind your ear before leaning down to kiss your forehead gently, a smile playing on his lips. He couldn’t believe how lucky he had gotten, he had you, and now that he did he felt something he had not felt in a very long time. He felt whole. You were like that missing piece that filled in the hole in his heart, the one thing that could make everything okay again.

You stirred beside him and opened your sleepy (e/c) eyes to gaze into his deep brown ones. You swore you could get lost in them if you stared too long, and to be perfectly honest? The thought did not bother you in the least, you would be with Yao, and that was what mattered to you. You smiled and snuggled against him again with a contented sigh, resting your hand on his chest above his heart, feeling it’s steady rhythmic beat beneath the warm skin.

Yao smiled and wrapped his arms around you, rubbing small circles on your bare back as he buried his face in your hair, breathing in your scent and letting it relax him.


“Hmm? Yes Yao?”

“Would…Would you like to move in with me...?”

You laid there in silence for a few minutes as you thought about the idea, it seemed rather sudden, but then again, you loved Yao and you trusted him, and the idea of going back to America’s house and having to deal with his friends, and the bed that you would never use again, you didn’t even want to think about the things on it now…

“I would like that…”

The sound Yao made as he hugged you could only be called a squeal. Okay, so maybe not the manliest sound to make, but it sounded adorable coming from him.

~~~Time skip to the next day~~~

You used your key to let China and yourself in, America was sitting in the living room playing video games with his brother, Canada had always sort of creeped you out, he never seemed to take off those dark sunglasses, and that hockey stick he carried around with him…Those stains on it… It scared you a little.

“Um…Alfred? I’m sorry for not giving more notice, but I’m going to move in with Yao, I’ll start moving my stuff out today, but I’ll still stop by and do your laundry every week, it’ll never get done if I don’t.”

Alfred paused his game and looked up at you before he looked at Yao, noticing the blush on both of your cheeks he put two and two together.

“Aw..I’m gonna miss you dude, but I understand, I was waitin’ to see how long it took for one of ya to say something to the other. And you better treat her right China, I’ll be after you if you’re not!”

Yao smiled and looked at you lovingly, he knew he would never hurt you, but if he ever did, he would hope Alfred would keep his promise.

“I promise to always love her, aru~ But if I do hurt her, I know you will keep your word.”

Matthew clenched  his fists around the controller a little tighter and glared at the floor, no one could see it behind his glasses, but he was furious. He had had his eye on you for some time now, and now that that was being taken away it angered him. He would not stand by and let this happen, but for now he would play along. He plastered a grin on his face and looked up at you.

“I’m happy for you, I hope you’ll be happy together.”

You smiled and giggled a little at Alfred and what he said before you felt a shiver make its way down your spine as you looked at Matthew, but you quickly shook the feeling away and started walking up stairs, smiling in acknowledgement to the Canadian.

China stayed behind and talked for a few more minutes with Alfred and Matthew before he joined you upstairs, surprised to find that you had already gotten most of your clothes packed, in several large suitcases.

You looked up and saw the awed look on his face as Yao stared at the suitcases and your empty dresser and  closet, it looked pretty funny really, and you couldn’t hold back a small laugh.

“I spent a summer with Germany because Italy wanted me to visit him, and trust me, you learn to clean quickly and efficiently when around him, his glares are scary.”

Now it was Yao’s turn to laugh, and before long you both were gasping for air from laughing at yourselves and each other as you teased the other about various things while packing. Little did either of you know Canada could hear all of it and it was only making him even more determined to make you his...
Alright, so here is part 4~! And as you will find out, things are going to get interesting. Heeheehee.

I do not own Hetalia.
I do not own China, America, or 2P!Canada. I really wish I did.
I do not own you, however China now does.
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