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October 25, 2012
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You  yawned slightly and rubbed the back of your neck as you  sat hunched over a book. You  had been busy with studying for your examines for these past few weeks you  had not slept hardly at all, and fatigue was finally starting to set in on you  as you  kept up at reading. The night was so calm, so peaceful, you  were outside in your gazebo to study, and it had long since gotten dark, but this was of no concern to your, bad things did not happen in your neighborhood for a reason. Too many police officers for crime to survive decently in your area, so you  were very relaxed out here in the cool night air and the soft sounds of crickets chirping.

You did not hear the sound of the gazebo door being slowly opened, nor did you see the shadow creeping over you as you continued to gaze down at the book in your lap.

“Hello love, don’t you know it is not safe to stay out so late at night, alone?”

You jumped at the sound of the voice and knocked your chair over, you yourself still in it as it fell, and you let out a loud curse before looking up at the man who had spoken.

“W..Who are you?”

The man chuckled and knelt down above you so he was staring into your face upside down, a slightly dark and devious smirk on his face. “I am Arthur Kirkland, or England, as most tend to know me by.”

A shiver ran down your spine from the look he was giving you, and his name did not help. Your friend Francis had warned you to be weary of Arthur, simply stating that he was a rather odd individual, and was not to be trusted. The fact that you knew Arthur was a punk was enough to make you heed his cautions, and avoid the man. You knew it was wrong to stereotype him simply because he was a punk, but you had heard too many bad things about punks to trust him.

“Well as nice as your visit is, I must ask for you to leave, I have things to finish here, and you have caused enough trouble as it is.”

You sighed and rose to your feet before picking the chair up and noticing a nasty scrape along your elbow that had a slow trickle of blood running down your arm.

England had been just about to say something when he too noticed the blood, and he gave you a seductive glance before reaching over and gently taking your arm, licking the blood carefully from it before paying special attention to your elbow.

You wanted to protest and pull away, but in your current state, having not slept much if at all for the past few weeks, and lulled somehow by the punk who was still tediously cleaning your arm with his tongue, you could not find it within yourself to make a fuss about it, you were far too tired to even really process it.

England was confused by your silence so he looked over at you curiously before he noticed your drooping eyelids and the lethargic way your shoulders were hunched over. “Damn it…This will not be any fun if she is half asleep! The bloody git, she should be sleeping more, she’ll kill herself if she keeps up the way she has been..What good would that do a vampire like me? She will not be able to keep her promise…” A deep sigh emitted from Arthurs lips as he pulled away, looking at you with pursed eyebrows and a stern set to his face.

“________, you have got to stop doing this to yourself, all of this studying, it is not good for you to do it the way you have been.”

You raised an eyebrow slightly and your head started to clear before you jumped to your feet and gave Arthur a hard glare that should have pierced his soul with how deeply your eyes burrowed into his.

“And who are you to tell me what is and is not good for me?! You came here, scared me, made me fall and cut my arm, and then you started licking it while doing some sort of weird Jedi mind trick or whatever the Hell you did to me to make me not want to run away, yet studying is bad for me?!?! YOU are bad for me! Now just get away from me!”

Your words cut deeply into Arthurs heart and his eyes grew sad as you spoke before he slowly walked away, unable to find the words to say to you. You were mad at him, and you did not seem to remember him at all, you did not love him anymore, he had waited too long…

You were still steaming as you made your way into her house a few minutes after Arthur had left and you decided that taking a bath would be a good idea to help calm your nerves, so as the tub was filling you went around and made sure that all the windows and doors were locked before returning to the bathroom, feeling slightly calmer now. You let out a sigh as you stripped out of your clothing and tossed it into the clothes bin in your bathroom. “What was up with that? He has never really paid any attention to me before, and what was with the way he LICKED the blood from my elbow? That is just gross, what is he? A vampire?” You had to laugh at the last part, vampire? Pft, yeah right, you believed in vampires with the same amount of dedication that you believed in the tooth faerie or bigfoot. All just things that were made up for the hell of it without any kind of real evidence behind it. You smiled and shook your head at yourself for what you had thought to yourself as you slipped into the bathtub, letting out what was almost a moan at how good the hot water felt on your tense muscles, and it did not take long for your to relax completely and close your eyes, drifting off to sleep.

~~~First dream~~~

You blinked and looked around at the playground equipment and the lush green grass of the park around you, you giggled and clapped happily as you saw a man that was standing off in the shade with a long sleeved shirt and an umbrella motion towards you. You ran over to him quickly and opened you arms wide, wanting a hug. In reply he knelt down to you level and you quickly flung your arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around your small body and hugged you close to him, being very careful not to hurt you.

“’’Ello love, sorry I am late, something came up, but you will forgive me, right?”

You nodded and hugged him a little tighter, you were only five so it did not hurt him, but it made him smile a little more as he straightened, lifting you up with him before he pulled back a little and leaned his forehead in against yours, a more serious expression on his face now.

“That is good. Thank you love. Now I have something important I need to tell you, I need to go away for awhile, but I promise I will be back, you trust me right love?”

Tears burned at your eyes and you nodded a little as you rubbed one of them with your tiny fist.

“Why do you have to go away Artur? I want you to stay wif me!”

It was killing him to be upsetting you like he was but he did not have a choice, he had to go away and take care of some things to keep you safe, if it were not to protect you he would have never been able to do something like this to you, he would have changed everything the moment he saw the tears in your eyes. But this was a matter of keeping you safe, and he would die to do that if he had too.

“I just have some things I need to do, you will hardly even know I am gone, and I will be back soon, so do not cry, please? It hurts me to see you cry.”

You nodded again and put on a brave face as you looked at Arthur, trying hard to not let anymore tears slip.

“Otay Artur… I will not cwy anymore. Pwomise you will be back?”

Arthur smiled and nodded a little at you. “I promise love, I will not leave you forever, I will be back before you know it, and just to make sure you do not forget me, I brought you a present.” he said as he pulled a locket out of his pocket and put it around your neck gently.

You looked down at it and opened it up, inside was a picture of you and Arthur, and on the other side it had words engraved into it saying ‘Forever and always’ you smiled and looked up at from the locket to Arthur.

“Tank you Artur, it is vewy pwetty. I will never forget you though, never ever, ever, ever!”

This time your words brought a laugh from Arthur, and you laughed with him, you kept laughing until you could not breathe, then you found that you really could not breathe, something was blocking you throat.
~~~End dream~~~
You  woke up and sat up quickly, sputtering and choking on water as you  struggled to fill your lungs with air again. You  had fallen asleep in the tub and then you  had slipped down in it until your head was underwater and you could not breathe, that was when you woke up.

The water was cold now and you shivered as you climbed out of the tub and grabbed a big towel. You  wrapped yourself up in it and went to put on some pajamas, you had forgotten your dream, but you still remembered that you had had one, so right now you  were a bit confused and trying hard to remember, it was a vain attempt though, your mind remained void of any memories of the dream. “Oh well, must not have been an important dream or else I would have remembered it.” You  thought silently to yourself as you  slipped on a pair of sweats and a big tee shirt. You  climbed into your bed and snuggled down into the blankets until you were all warm and cozy, then much to your surprise, you fell asleep almost instantly.

~~~Second dream!~~~

You sighed softly and kicked your feet back and forth as you sat on the swing set, you were at the same park you had been at in your last dream, only this was a few years later and you were now seven years old. You still remembered Arthur, and you still missed him terribly every day, that  was part of why you came to the park by your house every day since he had left. Sometimes you would play with other kids, but most of the time you would just be there and ignore them. Today was one of those days that you just ignored them. You were thinking about leaving when a familiar voice caught your attention and you looked towards it. And there he was, Arthur was standing there calling your name and smiling broadly at you.

You quickly jumped off of the swing and ran over there to Arthur, and into his open arms as he hugged you tightly to him.

“I missed you so much love, thank you for waiting for me.”

Arthur held your tighter and felt tears brimming in his eyes from the joy he felt knowing that you had waited for him, just like you had promised.

You smiled broadly and returned the hug with a giddy giggle before you pulled back a little to look at him, a slightly surprised look on your face. “I had to wait, I promised, besides, I love you Arthur.” You said in a very certain matter-of-factly way.

Arthur chuckled and he hugged you again, holding the back of your head to his shoulder while his other arm wrapped its way around you. He did not want to let go, you were his one and only, his always and forever, you had been destined to be with him from the moment you were conceived, all he had to do was wait for your to be older, but he had the time, he was a country after all, and on top of that, he was a vampire, so it was not like he was going to be aging any time soon.  

“I love you too _______. I have to leave again though, for longer this time, but next time when I come back, I will be coming for you forever.”

You nodded and shyly kissed his cheek before hugging him again and burying your face in his shirt.

“Okay Arthur. When you come back, I’m gonna marry you!”

Your kiss and your words brought a blush to Arthurs face and he smiled at you, chuckling again as he nodded.

“Alright love, I am going to hold you to that!”

~~~End dream~~~

You  woke up and held your head as you sat up. What was that? You could remember little bits and pieces of your dream, but none of them showed your who it was you had been dreaming about…

You  sighed and shook your head slightly before you  climbed out of bed and looked around your room. You  felt like you were forgetting something, but you were not sure what it was that you were forgetting. You  decided that it must just have been because of the thing with that weirdo Arthur last night, and then the near-drowning in the tub. It must have just been that.

You  went downstairs and turned on the coffee maker just as you  heard a knock at the door. You  grumbled to yourself about who would be visiting so early as you  walked into the front room and opened the door. To your surprise, no one was there, but as you  looked down, you  noticed that there was a huge bouquet of flowers on the door step. “Who left these here? Are they supposed to be for someone else? And were left here by mistake?”  But that idea seemed odd since they were your favorite flowers after all. A small card fell out of the flowers as you  picked them up. You  picked the card up as well and read it, but it only made your head pound as your brain tried to remember something from your past. “Forever and always”  What did that mean? Why did you  keep hearing it…?  

~~~England’s P.O.V~~~

I smiled slightly to myself as I watched __________ come out of her house and pick up the flowers I had just left for her, she seemed confused at first, but had soon picked them up, a smile on her face. Seeing her smile brought a deep joy to my heart after the sting it had felt the night before. I just hoped she remembered who I was soon. Even if she did not remember the part about wanting to marry me, I wanted for her to at least remember that I was her friend and I wanted to hold her again, and tell her I loved her…
I had left her all those years ago and promised to be back, and I was, but rumors had been being spread around because I was a punk, and she had been told I was no good, but you see, that was far from the case, I loved her, I always had, from the first moment I met her, no, even before that, I had started loving her the day she was born, even though I had not met her, on that day a part of my heart that I had been missing for so long fell into place.

I sighed softly to myself and shook my head with a smile as I started creeping back along the shadows to my home, trying to get back before the sun had a chance to rise fully. I would have endured the burn though for her, I simply loved her that much. And what was a little burn if it meant you got to see the one you loved smile? No, the sun would not kill me, no, I would not sparkle like one of those sissy little vampires that the girls drools over nowadays, I would simply burn easily and get sick, that was the way it worked for me, and the other vampires, most of us simply wore a lot of clothing and a lot of sun block. Bloody Hell, we could buy stock in sun block with the way we used it.

~~~Le time skip~~~

It had been two weeks since your run in with Arthur, and __________ had not seen him since then, you had to question if it was a dream or not, you knew you must have fallen because the scrape scabbed over, but you wondered if the rest had been something your tired mind had made up, since it seemed so bizarre.

What made things more bizarre was that you kept having dreams about someone in her past, but you could not ever remember who, but you knew whoever it was, they were important.

You sighed and brushed a hand through your hair before pulled on your pajamas and slipped into bed, hoping that you would get to sleep peacefully tonight, you had been so tired lately, your dreams kept you from getting any restful sleep, and all the work you had been putting in for school, and then your job, it had drained your.

England was waiting outside, he hadn’t done it before, he had stopped by during the night to check on her a few times since he had been back in town, but he had not waited for her to go to sleep like he was doing tonight. For some reason something was telling him to wait tonight.

He waited for awhile after you had gone to sleep, and was about to leave when he heard whimpering coming from inside, he jumped up to the roof and peered in your bedroom window, feeling a little guilty about doing something like that, and he saw your tossing and turning in your sleep as tears ran down your face. Seeing your like this was too much for him and he silently opened the window to your room before slipping inside and making his way over to your bed, kneel beside it and clutching your hand gently in his.

After a few moments your breathing calmed and you relaxed, easing back into the pillows with a sigh. Arthur was about to leave again but you surprised him by pulling him back down as soon as he stood up, he looked down at your wide eyes and knew you were going to scream, but instead, you sat up and pulled him into a tight hug.
“I’m so sorry it took me so long to remember you! But I remember now! I finally was able to remember when I had a dream tonight… I…I still love you.”

For a minute England did nothing, he was in shock, but soon he wrapped his arms around your and returned your embrace, breathing in your scent as he buried his face into the crook of your neck and felt his hot tears drip down his cheeks.

“Oh love…I am so glad you remember…I’ve missed you badly, without you…Nothing is as it should be, I’m just going through the motions and not really living. With you everything seems right.”

You smiled at his words and closed your eyes, you were still tired, and the warmth of his arms and steady thumping of his heart lulled your into a deep sleep, and before long you slumped limply against his chest, your breathing calm and gentle.

Arthur chuckled and laid your back on the bed, pulling the blankets up over your before straightening to leave, only to once again have you catch his wrist and star up at him.

“Don’t…Don’t leave me again…”

“I promise, never again, I am here, always and forever.”

Arthur slipped into the bed beside you and held you in his arms as you drifted back to sleep, a smile on your face. It wasn’t long after that Arthur joined you in your slumber, falling into a easy sleep.
So here is the first part of my contest entry for a group contest! I have the next part written, but will make you all wait to read it. Mwahahaha!!!!

I do not own Hetalia!
I found the pic on Google! If you drew it let me know and I will credit you!
I do not own you!
England does!
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